‘You’re Pure And Divine’, Kangana Ranaut Praises Uorfi Javed After She Jokes On Her Fashion Sense!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is having a blast after making a comeback on Twitter. She is now voicing out her opinions on various happenings more than ever before. And just like her, internet sensation Uorfi Javed aka Urfi too is active on social media. Recently, both the actresses got into a chit chat through tweets.

Urfi hits back at Kangana’s Hindu-Muslim tweet

Kangana’s statement regarding Pathaan’s success read, ‘India is biased towards Khans and Muslim actors. It is unfair to accuse India of hate as cinema lovers have given love to only Shah Rukh Khan and Muslim actors.’

Urfi could not keep mum on it and stated that art should not be divided by religion. On this, Kangana gave a calm reply and quoted, “Yes my dear Uorfi that will be an ideal world but it’s not possible unless we have The Uniform Civil Code, till the time this nation is divided in the constitution, it will remain divided.”

To this, Urfi joked about her bold outfit choices and innumerable controversies surrounding it. She tweeted, “Uniform wound be a bad idea for me ma’am!”

Kangana backs Urfi’s fashion choices

Reacting to Urfi’s mockery of herself, Kangana penned a note for her that talked about ancient women roaming around without clothes. She wrote, “In India,there was Queen called Mahadevi Akka, who loved her husband Shiva before the court said if she loved Shiva n not him then she shouldn’t take anything from him, she dropped all her clothes, left the palace and never covered her body again.”

“Clothes and a lack of them. Both are self expression, Mahadevi Akka is a shinning star in the world of Kannada literature. She lived in forests and never wore clothes. Don’t let anyone shame you about your body, you are pure and divine, my love to you,” she continued.

The former Bigg Boss OTT contestant got highly impressed with Kangana’s knowledge. She praised the actress and called her a ‘strong woman’. “Our political views don’t match but gosh mad respect for this woman today,” asserted Urfi.

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming projects

Kangana will play the role of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi in the much-anticipated film ‘Emergency’. She also has ‘Chandramukhi 2’ and ‘Tejas’ in her kitty.