Zeenat Aman Shares Throwback Photo Featuring A Cigarette In Hand, Dimple Kapadia By Her Side 

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman has been a prominent figure in Hindi cinema for over 50 years. While she may not be as active on the big screen these days. She often remains in the spotlight due to her bold statements and outspoken demeanour.

Recently, she stirred controversy by advising young couples to consider living together before marriage, which created a buzz across the industry. This advice drew criticism from figures like Mumtaz and Mukesh Khanna. They publicly commented on Zeenat Aman’s unsuccessful marriage.

Zeenat Aman Shares Throwback Photo On Social Media Account Instagram 

Now, Zeenat Aman is once again making headlines after sharing a throwback photo on Instagram that has caused a stir on social media.

Zeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman

Actress Zeenat recently sparked discussions by sharing a throwback photo featuring a cigarette in hand and Dimple Kapadia by her side. This photo quickly went viral on Social Media. Zeenat to include a disclaimer, urging fans not to be influenced by the smoking depicted in the image.

Now, Zeenat is once again making headlines after sharing a throwback photo on Instagram.

Bollywood Diva Zeenat shared a black and white photo With director Joy Mukherjee and actress Dimple Kapadia. In the photo, Zeenat Aman is seen smoking a cigarette, which has caused the photo to quickly go viral.

In aA recent post, Zeenat Aman also praised Dimple Kapadia. She wrote, “I don’t remember where this picture was taken. But it has something to do with the film ‘Chhaila Babu’. Perhaps it’s a behind-the-scenes shot.

She Said: I say this because I’m not in costume but in my regular clothes. With me in the film are director Joy Mukherjee and Dimple Kapadia, who used to come to the set due to her marriage to Rajesh Khanna.

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Also, She mentions how Dimple was cast in “Bobby” when she was just a young girl, while Zeenat herself was gaining attention for her Western image. She recalls Dimple’s support during a difficult phase in her life and praises her strength of character, which Zeenat still admires today.

Additionally, Zeenat Aman warns her fans not to be influenced by the smoking depicted in her photo. She admits to having smoked during her late teens and early thirties but emphasizes that she quit when she became pregnant with her first child.