Zendaya’s Stalker Sentenced To Five Years In Psychiatric Hospital For Harassment

A French man who was not identified was allegedly found guilty of harassing Zendaya. He was given a five-year sentence in a high-security psychiatric hospital. According to the daily French newspaper Ouest-France, the suspect is accused of cyberstalking and sending thousands of threatening texts to the singer and actress. This has propelled her to increase her and her boyfriend Tom Holland’s security detail.

French Man Sentenced to Five Years

The report claims that the suspect was well aware of Zendaya’s travel itinerary. He even texted the celebrity to threaten her, claiming to know that she was scheduled to arrive at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. If she did not reply to his text message within a day, the suspect allegedly threatened to hurt her.

The suspect is alleged by Zendaya’s attorney, Karim Chentoufi, to be an erotomaniac stalker. He poses a threat to the actress’s safety.

Erotomania is a form of delusional disorder in which a stalker believes a person with higher status is in love with them.

Zendaya’s lawyer told the court that the suspect’s obsession with the actress instilled fear in her mind. She was forced to “put security measures in place for herself, her partner, Tom Holland, and those close to her.”

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The suspect was reportedly found guilty of cyberstalking Zendaya because of a mental disorder. The suspect was sentenced to five years in a high-security psych ward. He was banned from contacting the actress for ten years.

According to the publication, during the trial, the suspect alleged that he was in the throes of a drug addiction when he relentlessly harassed the actress.

The suspect continued, “I got into meth for a year, and it’s a crazy drug.” He was under the illusion that Zendaya was his friend and that he needed him in his life. “I got it into my head that Zendaya needed me and that I could be her friend,” he said.


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