Zodiac Signs That Are Easily Tricked In Love; To Know How; Read On Here!!!

Some people are quite direct with their thoughts, and they just ask their spouse if he loves her/him or not. However, some people thrive on the mind game industry since it is the only way they can make a living. Going by zodiac signs, here are 5 of those on the zodiac wheel that are recognized for this trait where they press their partner to prove their love using mind games. Is your partner one of them? Scroll down to discover out!


Geminis are naturally born flirts who do not perceive themselves to be mind game players, but they do turn out to be. They go hot and cold on their partner, making them feel uneasy, and the image they receive is that you are a mental game player. However, you believe that everyone has a loving quality in them, which is viewing the good rather than the bad. Your charm is always on, and you know exactly what you’re doing, but you just wish it wasn’t such a huge deal.


Librans enjoy being in relationships and have the ability to leap from one partner to the next after a breakup. They are people pleasers and very diplomatic and sometimes they resort to playing mind games which tends to make their sensitive partner very insecure, building tension for no reason.


When it comes to relationships, this zodiac sign is quite intense, and they prefer things to be heavy and hot between them and their partners. In the midst of all of this, they have a habit of playing mind games, having their partners tell them over and over that they love them. They put their partners through a lot of tests, which can get a little too much for them. To make matters worse, their secrecy adds to the stress, which is why only a strong person with a lot of tolerance can date them.


A Sagittarius soul is like a free bird who is afraid of being tethered or trapped in a cage. Serious relationships scare them and they think that their partner is going to clip their wings even if he/she is not doing anything. They feel restricted and this makes them play games, testing their partner for no reason.


These beautiful hearts aren’t that sweet after all! When their patience is strained, they can become extremely vicious. They give their all in any relationship, but they also play the victim card, manipulating their partner and having them say “I love you” over and over. Their mind games can also consist of simple flirting with another individual in order to make their partner jealous. This has the potential to build or shatter their relationships.

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