how i make super food


Let 2017 be the year of a healthy you. By Priyanka Kalra The year has come and gone while you were busy chasing your studies, your work or/and your kids. Yet again you forgot to take care of the most important thing in your life – your heal…

white magic

Take in the white magic

Prepare mouth-watering delicacies with white chocolate. By Kalpana M Naghnoor White chocolate is available in India and all also mostly vegetarian. Here are six lovely ways to use white chocolate that will make the dishes so prettily innova…


The Pineapple

The multi-benefit fruit. By Valsala Menon Traditional folk medicine credits the sweet, juicy flesh of the pineapple with various healing powers. A standard 80 g portion supplies a quarter of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Scientific in…


Spiced Paneer Recipe

Make this yummylicious Spiced Param Paneer at home. You will surely fall in love with its captivating aroma and taste. Ingredients: Vegetable oil 400gm param paneer cut into cubes 1 tsp coriander seed Chopped ginger 1 onion chopped 4 ripe t…


Italian Recipes-simplicity that makes it sumptuous

A unique feature of foods in Italy is simplicity. Italian cuisine is great with just a few ingredients: tomatoes, oil, bread and wine, to name a few. Quality of ingredients such as mozzarella and tomatoes is what makes the difference. This …


Mexican Cuisine- A Platter of Flavours-1

True Mexican food can be found in all 31 Mexican states and the federal district. It can also be found in various places around the world where connoisseurs and cooks alike have made Mexican food one of the passions. Just like the regional …


Biscuit Cakes

An easy way to make tasty cakes is by using readymade biscuits having unique tastes as ingredients Preparation time: 5 to 7 minutes Baking time: 15 to 20 minutes  Ingredients: Powdered sugar: 2 tablespoons Parle G biscuits powdered : 20 no.…


Pasta With White Sauce

The dreamy creamy white sauce pasta is one of the most ordered dish at restaurants and cafes. Youth crave and drool over this Italian delicacy. Well, now try making it at home and trust me, it’s nothing like an uphill task. Here you go! Ing…


Monsoon Fruity Cocktails

Monsoon is quaint and welcoming but can be restrictive at times, spoiling our plans last minute and leaving us with very few options. At moments like these, staying indoors may seem like the only feasible option, but converting your pad int…


Festive cocktails

You can try these interesting cocktail recipes for a refreshing feel Amarula Golden Glow Ingredients: 50ml Amarula 25ml Oude Meester ginger liqueur 25ml peach schnapps Scoop of vanilla ice cream Peach slices Ice  Method Pour all ingredients…


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