‘First Cook In A Long Time…’; Madhuri Dixit’s Son Arin Discovers His Passion For Cooking!


Bollywood’s queen Madhuri Dixit and her husband Dr Sriram Nene are not just a power couple, but also a health-conscious one. Recently, the couple shared a healthy Mexican recipe on their YouTube channel, along with some interesting facts about their elder son Arin’s passion for cooking.

In the video, Madhuri attempted to speak Spanish while describing the dish, “muy muy bueno,” which means “very very good” in English. Dr Nene corrected her pronunciation and called the dish “tan sabroso,” which translates to “so tasty.” It’s wonderful to see the couple embrace different cultures and experiment with their cooking.

But the real surprise came when Dr Nene revealed that their son Arin has developed a love for cooking. The elder son, who is currently studying at the University of Southern California, has been sending his father pictures and recipes of his culinary creations. Dr Nene gushed about how Arin has not only learned to cook, but has also developed a passion for it.

It’s heartening to see the younger generation taking an interest in cooking and pursuing it as a hobby. Cooking not only helps in developing a healthy lifestyle but also encourages creativity and experimentation. With Madhuri and Dr Nene as his parents, Arin surely has the right mentors to guide him on his culinary journey.

So why not try out the healthy Mexican recipe shared by the power couple and embrace your own culinary adventure? With the right ingredients and a passion for cooking, who knows what delicious dishes you can create.


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