4 Nail Care Tips To Follow At Home

Quality nail care at home is not a myth. Each girl can learn to independently carry out simple procedures. After a while, a home manicure will not be inferior in quality to a professional one.

Follow simple rules for nail care at home and be consistent. Choose nail supplies that you like and experiment with the “recipes” of beauty – we are all different, which means that something different will suit everyone. Still, a certain sequence of actions will help structure your nail care.

Beauty starts from within

Problematic nails can tell you a lot about the state of your body. Of course, their exfoliation is not a reason for an urgent visit to a therapist, but it’s worth thinking about what you eat. Diversify your menu, include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, consume dairy products and eat well every day. Perhaps these steps will save you not only from problems with nails, but will also help improve the condition of your skin and hair, and will also help you maintain a good shape.

Choosing the right nail file is a big responsibility

Choose exactly what suits you. Through trial and error, you will find your ideal nail file. Glass, metal, cardboard, ceramic files come in varying degrees of “grain” – the higher the number, the smoother the tool. To avoid splitting your nails, choose nail files with a smooth surface and not too abrasive.

Salt and oil baths

Salt and oil baths are one of the most important and enjoyable home hand care procedures. They will nourish your nails with essential vitamins and minerals, strengthen them and help with some problems, such as delamination. Add lemon juice, vitamins and essential oils to the baths, and a homemade hand bath will turn into a real spa treatment.

Take care of your cuticles

Use moisturizers every day and massage your nail bed with cuticle oil. Special removers and orange sticks will help get rid of excess skin. By the way, instead of wooden sticks, you can use rubber-tipped plastic pushers or metal tools. Today, an unedged manicure is considered correct, since it is the safest.

Periodically rub special wax into your nails. This will make them stronger and nourish them with useful substances.

Apply strengthening or protective varnishes to oil-free nails, and always use a base before applying a color coat.

Home care for hands is unthinkable without moisturizing. So twice a day, and ideally, use hand cream every time after water procedures.

Types of baths

  1. Dairy. Everything ingenious is simple. Milk contains calcium, which is often lacking in nails. For the bath, you will need whole milk (the fatter, the better) and deep dishes. Heat the milk to the right temperature: it should be warm, but not hot. Dip your fingers in a bowl of liquid. The optimal procedure time is half an hour. The result will be noticeable within a week after daily milk baths.
  2. Gelatin. Another simple but effective recipe. To make such a bath, buy ordinary edible gelatin at any store. Dilute the powder in hot water: 1 tablespoon of gelatin per glass. Dip your fingers in the resulting mixture for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Oil. For express recovery, various oils are ideal. Pay attention to olive oil – it will do a good job of moisturizing and nourishing the nail plate. Nails “love” and castor oil – it helps to accelerate growth and restore elasticity. For maximum effect, you can mix these oils in equal proportions.
  4. Salt. The most affordable and easiest option is a salt bath. Just dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of salt in water. Both sea and ordinary kitchen salt will do. Other useful components can be added to this mixture, for example, cosmetic oil or vitamins. With regular repetition, the procedure will return the nails to a healthy look.

Making masks

  1. Paraffin. Such a long-term mask is, in fact, sealing the nails with wax. Paraffin and wax stimulate the growth of nails, making them strong, smooth and moisturized. We act step by step. For the procedure, you will need beeswax or cosmetic paraffin. Melt it in a water bath to a greasy state, add a few drops of oil or liquid vitamins. Apply this mixture to your nails and then buff in with a soft buff.
  2. From jojoba oil. A mask using jojoba oil is an ideal option for winter care. An important point: the oil must be preheated. The prepared product is rubbed into the nails and left overnight.
  3. From chamomile. Dried chamomile flowers have a healing effect on damaged nails. Mix chamomile with oatmeal and pour boiling water over. After cooling, grind the mixture in a blender, and then apply to the nail plate.
  4. From curd. Curd mask will give nails the same good drinking, like milk. To prepare the mask, we take out the cottage cheese from the refrigerator (it is better if it is natural and fatty), mix it with vegetable oil and apply a generous layer for 30 minutes.