5 Steamy Intimacy Fantasies Everyone Secretly Dreams About

Everyone has sexual fantasies. It’s a universal experience that crosses cultural, age, and gender lines. Many feel ashamed of their erotic thoughts, but certified sex coach Gigi Engle, author of “All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life,” assures us that “no matter what the fantasy is, it’s completely normal!”

“The more we talk about sexual fantasy and normalize the conversation, the less we’ll beat ourselves up for having twisty, sexual, steamy [thoughts],” she says. That’s why we put together this guide to common sexual fantasies.

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Multi-Partner Sex

Have you ever been captivated by scenes from shows like Game of Thrones? You’re not alone.

Group sex is the most common fantasy. Threesomes, orgies, and similar scenarios provide sensory overload with more sights, sounds, tastes, and touches than in a two-person or solo session.

Power, Control, or Rough Sex

Cue Rihanna’s “S&M,” because whips and chains excite millions. Sadism and masochism (S&M) and bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission (BDSM) make up the second most popular fantasy.

BDSM is about the consensual exchange of power, while S&M involves giving or receiving pain through activities like spanking, whipping, and humiliation.

Novelty, Adventure, and Variety

Ever fantasized about having sex on a beach or mountaintop or getting it on in an aeroplane bathroom?

Fantasies involving new activities (like anal or oral) or adventurous locations are common, especially in long-term relationships where novelty helps keep the excitement alive.


Open relationships, polyamory, and swinging are becoming increasingly recognised as healthy relationship structures.

Many people in monogamous relationships fantasize about consensual non-monogamy, where one partner gives their blessing for extramarital play.

Cuckolding, where one partner enjoys the idea of their partner having sex with someone else, is a specific type of this fantasy.

Passion and Romance

Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and eye contact during lovemaking are not just romantic clichés. They form part of the fantasy of being desired, intimate, and romantic.

Many people crave to be treated like royalty, with romantic gestures that make them feel significant and cherished.

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