5 Tips on How to Pick the Right Foundation; All You Should Know

It can be a real challenge to pick a foundation stick that suits the needs of your skin. It comes in countless shades and formulations. It’s also the most difficult makeup product to choose because it can have the exact opposite effect if you get the shade wrong. Also, there is no one foundation shade that fits all skin tones. Therefore, it is as important to know how to pick the correct foundation shade as it is to know how to apply it. 

The right foundation is the basis for any successful makeup, and finding the right one is like finding a best friend. To make this process a cakewalk, we have put together a few useful tips to help you figure out the right foundation. 

  • The Shade Doesn’t have to be an Exact Match

Foundation oxidizes with wear and tends to get darker with the mixture of oils on your face. So, while choosing a foundation stick, the shade must be slightly lighter than your complexion. The right hue will blend smoothly into your skin tone and will not leave you looking extra white or extra dull. While shopping for makeup online, you can check foundation stick price online at reputable sites like SERY Cosmetics. 

  • Do Not Forget your Undertones

Go with your natural skin undertones unless you want to color-correct. Go for a hue with yellow undertones if you have warm skin, and if your complexion is on the cool side, your best choice is a base with pink undertones. Once you’ve determined the undertone of your skin, it’ll be easier to shop for a foundation stick, and you’ll end up choosing the most flattering option.

  • Pick According to Your Skin Type

If you find that the foundation sits on top of your skin, that means it’s the wrong consistency. Being aware of your skin type is of utmost importance. Those with dry skin are best off with a dewy and creamy foundation stick. Matte bases are ideal for those with oily skin, while a semi-satin finish would do wonders for combination skin. After a few light strokes of application, the ideal base will melt right into your skin. If you think that you’re going to have to rub it hard on your face to blend, then it is not the one for you. 

Reliable beauty brands like SERY Cosmetics offer foundation sticks enriched with red raspberry and white clay for hydrated skin, UV protection, and glowing skin. 

  • Consider the Coverage Level you Need

When it comes to coverage, depending on the desired outcome, we all have different needs and different tastes. You can choose between light, medium, or maximum coverage. If you want your skin tone to balance out while still letting your natural complexion come through, then the best option is a medium coverage base. The medium coverage foundation will allow you to cover small imperfections of the skin but still look natural while showing your skin’s texture.

  • Make your Foundation Season-Proof

Summers and winters are different seasons and need different foundations for makeup. Our skin tone tends to be slightly darker in the summer, although it is paler in the winter. So the moment you see that it doesn’t work the way your chosen foundation should, it’s time to switch. For instance, you should opt for a cream-based foundation stick and not a powder foundation if your skin dries up a lot during winters. 

For effortless glide and self-setting foundation sticks, you can try out reputable brands like SERY Cosmetics that ensure a long-lasting smooth velvety finish. So, get the right foundation and find your true match today!

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