8-Years-Old Alia Bhatt Saying “Actress Banungi” In Her First Ever Interview Is A Must Watch

Alia Bhatt is one of the finest actresses in the Bollywood industry. She started her career with the movie Student of the year and went on to do some hits like Raazi, Highway, and many more. She has become an epitome of excellence in acting. And you might not know but Alia Bhatt wanted to become an actress from the very beginning when she said “Actress Banungi.”

A throwback video of a TV show ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’ is surfacing on the internet in which Alia’s parents Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan appeared as guests while Suresh Oberoi was hosting the show. Mahest Bhatt eldest daughter Pooja Bhatt was also seen in the show and that’s when she intorudected her sister Shaheen Bhatt, who was 13 years-old then and Alia Bhatt who was just 8-year-old back then.

When Shaheen and Alia arrived on the sets, Mahesh Bhatt said about Alia that she wants to be an actress and for Shaheen, Pooja said that she doesn’t want to enter Bollywood, Shaheen confirmed her instantly. However when Suresh Oberoi asked Alia what she wants to become, she said very cutely, “Actress banungi” (I will become an actress).

Watch the video:


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Mahesh Bhatt also revealed that he used to be alcoholic and one day he picked up Shaheen in his arms and she immediately turned her face to the other side because of the bad smell coming from his mouth. That’s when he decided to leave the drinking and he didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol for 13 years, till the interview takes place.

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