‘A Different Energy’: Chris Hemsworth Reveals How Extraction 2 Stunts Differ From Marvel Films!

Chris Hemsworth’s next blockbuster appearance will be in the sequel to the Netflix film Extraction, which Hemsworth described as having “even more satisfying stunts” than his in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His 2020 Netflix film Extraction had some of the most violent action scenes he’s ever done, including car chases, fist fights, and one jaw-dropping, 12-minute sequence involving relentless battle, a high-speed pursuit, and jumping between buildings.

Hemsworth is back for Extraction 2, an ambitious sequel that he thinks will be even more action-packed. The new film due out on Netflix in June 2023, recasts Hemsworth as the lethal mercenary Tyler Rake, and the actor claims the stunts are greater than ever, calling “I don’t think I’ve ever been part of anything as intense or extreme as the battle training I was involved in.”

Hemsworth recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly on the upcoming film’s enormous action scenes, praising the work that he and director Sam Hargrave who formerly worked as a stunt supervisor came up with.

The stunts, according to Hemsworth, were immensely fulfilling – even more so than his previous work on Marvel films, due to how authentic they were.

“We kind of shot for the moon,” Hemsworth, 39, laughs to EW. It’s even more extraordinary to accomplish something so extraordinary in the midst of an action-packed world.

Extraction 2 begins up immediately after the events of the previous film, with Rake having survived the horrific fall off a bridge. Now he faces an even more dangerous mission: breaking into an impenetrable prison to save the family of a vicious Georgian criminal. “It’s an escape mission,” teases Hargrave. “really nothing Rake has ever witnessed is as large, absolutely horrific, extreme, or terrifying like what he is going to face.”

Both Hargrave and Hemsworth wanted the sequel to delve more into Rake’s biography, questioning his moral compass and delving into his tangled past. They also wanted to mix it with a high-stakes show, so they added even more stunts.

Hemsworth said he especially enjoyed working with the various departments and performing as many actual stunts as possible.

One particularly difficult scenario takes place in a wintry prison yard and involves over 300 extras. It’s just extremely satisfying,” he says.

“You have a great deal of assistance in post-production in Marvel movies, which can be special effects-heavy.

Obviously, I can’t fly, so they assist me in that regard. In this film, the action is grounded in fact, and most of it is captured on camera. So it’s a different atmosphere, and the preparation is much more thorough.”

The first Extraction was a huge smash for Netflix, apparently becoming the most-watched original film in the streaming service’s history.

For the sequel, the same filmmaking crew returns, with Sam Hargrave directing and Hemsworth’s Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo producing. The screenplay was also written by Joe Russo.