Actor Mohammad Nazim Moves on from Longtime Girlfriend with New Love Interest Farrah Kader!

Mohammad Nazim’s breakout role as “Ahem” on Star Plus’s smash program “Sath Nibhana Saathiya” propelled him to stardom. Notwithstanding his reclusive nature, accounts of his romantic involvements have been carefully selected.

More than eight years passed, during which he was steadily dating the famous astrologer and tarot card reader Shaeina Seth. This was so serious that by 2020, the couple expected to be married. Then circumstances changed, and they went their own ways. The actor is reportedly dating Marathi actress Farah Kader at this time.

Farrah Kader, Mohammad Nazim’s girlfriend

As reported by the Hindustan Times, Mohammad Nazim has been dating Marathi actress Farrah Kader for the last two years. Also, the report claims the two are very committed to one another and are planning a wedding. The same can be said by the portal’s source close to the pair, who shared the following:

“Over a year has passed since the couple first began dating. Clearly, they take their relationship very seriously. The two of them are really contemplating making the commitment, and they may do so shortly.”

Farah Kader gives her opinion on the couple

The same insider also said that Mohammad Nazim’s girlfriend, Farah Kader is less committed to maintaining a very secretive relationship. Nonetheless, the two also attended numerous other occasions together, such as the actor’s birthday party in January 2023. One of the sources was cited as saying:

“Those closest to Farrah have been instructed to keep their silence regarding her new romance.”

Mohammad Nazim and Shaiena Seth break up

Mohammad Nazim began seeing Shaeina Seth (born Adhvita) in 2011, and the two planned to marry in 2019. While they were formerly together, in 2020, they parted ways and went in different directions. In response to attempts to get them to spill the beans, they flatly refused to discuss anything having to do with the matter in question. And Shaeina has openly acknowledged several times that he is a friend of hers.

Wedding to Shaiena

Previously, in an interview with The Times of India, Mohammad Nazim had spoken candidly about his 2020 wedding to Shaiena, expressing his joy at the prospect of finally tying the knot. The roka ceremony, which his family will attend next week, is imminent, he said. Also, he said that the actor had proposed to her six months after they had become good friends and that she had first piqued his attention due to the fact that she never asked for his number.