Addressing Your Beauty Queries: All You Should Know

I shave my legs as I find this more convenient and time saving, but the problem is very soon afterwards there are some hair which grow back very soon. How can I prevent this?

It seems as if your razor misses out on small hairs which are trapped under dry skin cells. Before you shave, use a loofah and give your legs a light scrub which will remove the dry cells and free the tiny hairs, which will get shaved. To soothe stubble which will eventually appear anyway, use a calamine lotion or a moisturizer which contains glycerine.

This will flatten the prickly hair to make them invisible till your next shaving day. Waxing removes hair from the roots and gives a smoother finish. Try this. To avoid any mess, you can go to a parlour. Waxing gives longer lasting results as well.

I love using blush on my cheeks, but sometimes, it seems that I use too much making me look like a clown…my office mates tell me this! Please tell me how to rectify this mistake quickly.

First, do remember that blush should be applied judiciously…the lesser and subtler the better! Use an enlarging mirror, in strong light when applying blush…sometimes in poor light, we cannot judge the intensity correctly.

Now, for s.o.s methods for lightening dark blush, sweep gently over with translucent powder. Remove excess powder with a brush. Or gently apply a thin layer of concealer over the area…this will instantly lighten the shade considerably. Of course,you can always wash your face and remove the blush.

I have very dry hair. Please give me some easy methods to remedy my problem. I wash my hair twice a week. Please advise.

Firstly, if you have dry hair, avoid washing your hair frequently…once a week is quite enough, for otherwise the natural sebum on your scalp will get washed away. Use a rich cream-based shampoo and a conditioner after the wash.

It is advised you also give your scalp and hair a warm oil massage at least once a week. If possible keep the oiled hair without washing overnight and then wash with warm water and a mild shampoo.

Take 2tsp of mashed avocado and 2tsp of mayonnaise, a little honey and a few drops of lemon juice; add a few tsp of milk and mix. Apply this paste on your hair, parting the hair carefully, and not neglecting the scalp.Keep on for at least one hour. Wash off with warm water and a good shampoo.

This will nourish your hair, give it bounce and rehydrate it. Try to do this at least once a week for good results.

I sweat a lot under my arms which leaves damp patches on my garments. Please tell me what I can do to stop this. I am a 25-year-old bank officer working in Chennai.

The warm humid climate of your city will naturally make you sweat a lot. Always bathe daily, sometimes even twice a day. Use a medicated soap specially under your arms to kill all accumulated bacteria.

Dry under arms thoroughly and apply a deodorant… a roll on, or a spray. You may need to reapply it again during the day, but always wipe the area with a wet tissue to clean it, before you use the deodorant.

You can use a mild astringent under your arms to help close pores and discourage sweating. Rubbing an ice cube on sweaty areas is also helpful in this issue.

There are thin absorbent pads which can be positioned under the arms to avoid the wet patches on your clothes. Avoid wearing very tight clothes which will make you sweat even more. Loose garments encourage ventilation which will cool you off.

I am a 45-year-old woman. I am horrified to find that my face is breaking out into pimples! Acne at this age?! I had it when I was in my teens…and now this. I feel embarrassed by this crop of pimples. Please let me know what I can do to heal this condition, and just why it has started in the first place.

The causes of adult acne may be many and varied. It seems as if yours could be due to hormonal issues,as you could be in the pre-menopausal stage when big changes are taking place in your endocrinal glands.

Stress is also notorious for causing pimples especially in older women. Genetics too play a part. If other female members of your family are encountering this problem, you can blame it on your genes!

Treat the acne in the usual way with anti-pimple creams, medicated soaps, astringents, and keeping your face spotlessly clean and non-greasy. If the acne is extreme, a visit to your doctor could help in deciding whether you need hormonal treatment, or HRT.

Retinol creams are also good at soothing angry pimples. Ensure that you do not scratch or pinch these, and that the towels you use are very clean. Oral medication is also prescribed in grave cases.