Aditya Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor’s Son, On Mumtaz’s Refusal To Marry His Father

Shammi Kapoor, a former Bollywood celebrity and actor, made news in the past for both his career and personal life. The senior Kapoor was full of surprises, from his relationship with Nutan to his unexpected marriage to Neela Devi.


Aditya Raj Kapoor, the son of Shammi and Geeta Bali, recently spoke to the Times of India about his relationship with his late father and Shammi and Geeta’s love tale, as narrated to him by none other than the evergreen Dev Anand. When asked about his father’s relationship with the attractive Nutan, Aditya Kapoor said that he was fully aware of it, but dismissed it as something that occurred before Shammi married Bali in 1955. He claimed that they were both relatively young at the time and that getting into a relationship might not have been the ‘correct choice.’

Aditya responded to a query about Shammi’s involvement with Mumtaz following Bali’s death by saying that they couldn’t be a pair because they both wanted different things at the time. His father made it plain that he wanted someone to watch after his children, he said. While Mumtaz was on the verge of breaking into the industry, he believed they needed a mother. “I don’t believe my father was mistaken. “I don’t think Mumtaz Ji made a mistake by focusing on her work,” Aditya stated.

But Aditya’s father Aditya may remember warmly the romantic relationship that occurred between his parents. Aditya even said that it was Dev Anand, the Bollywood superstar, who first told him about their love story. He claimed Dev Anand told him that Shammi would show up on the set of ‘Baazi’ (starring Dev Anand and Geeta Bali) and bother him because he wanted to steal Geeta.

But, after Bali’s unexpected death, Shammi Kapoor did another marriage, this time to Neela Devi. He also intended to keep it a secret from his family until he had married and returned home with his new spouse. Aditya claims they were not informed about Neela Devi’s wedding. He met her after the wedding when he was 13 years old.

Aditya Raj Kapoor also disclosed something more about his new mom, describing her as ‘compassionate.’ “She made the decision not to have children of her own.” How often women would do something like that? I’m sure it wasn’t easy to take care of a crazy guy like Shammi Kapoor and his two kids!” Aditya Kapoor ended by expressing his undying love for Devi.

Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali married in 1955, but their union was cut short by Bali’s sudden death in 1965. After that, in 1969, Kapoor married Neela Devi.

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