After Accusing Wife, Shweta Of Separation, Abhinav Kohli Reunited With Son, Reyansh After 3 Months

Abhinav Kohli has been making a few allegations on Shweta Tiwari for recent months now, and one of the charges made is that Shweta Tiwari has isolated him from their child, Reyansh. Subsequent to accusing Shweta of the equivalent in different meetings, Abhinav Kohli had posted an image of their child, Reyansh Kohli and had accused his better half again for isolating them. Abhinav had subtitled the post as “I miss you. It’s been 1 month and 23 days since your mummy separated us. I love you beyond words and surely by God’s grace I will hug you tight very soon.”

Presently, after all the cases of division, Abhinav Kohli has at last accommodated with his child, Reyansh following three months over video call. Abhinav took to his IG handle to impart a monochrome picture to his child, Reyansh and offering his satisfaction to his fans. He likewise said thanks to his fans for being his capacity in his long subtitle. He stated, “Aaj bade dino baad khushi aayi hai. Aaj teen mahine baad meri Reyansh se video call pe kaafi lambi baatein hui. Umeed hai jald hi milunga. Aap sab ne bohot sath diya hai. Shukriya. Phele virodh hadh se jyada tha lekin tab bhi aap ne bohot Shakti di aura b virodh na ke barabar ho gaya. Today happiness has knocked my door after months. Today I spoke for quite sometime with Reyansh on video call after three months. I am hopeful I will meet him soon. You all have really supported me. Thank You. Initially the trolling was immense but your support gave me strength, now your support has won and the trolling dwindled.” Take a look:

On August 6, 2020, too, Abhinav Kohli had taken to his IG handle and had imparted an image to child, Reyansh. Alongside the image, he had composed the amount he misses his child and had accused Shweta for not letting him meet Reyansh. His note could be perused as “It’s been 83 really long days and I haven’t been able to even see you. I miss talking to you. I miss our drives. I miss you in my GODEE. Sadness grows day by day. I don’t know how long it will take before I can hug you. Our law has become such that a son can be snatched away from his father by the mother. And the father has to pray to the court just to meet his son. The police is helpless. This law is so cruel. It’s my aim that by the time you grow up the Law for a child is such that no mother can keep the child away from his father even for a single day. So that you being a male never have to suffer the separation from your child. And this Law of punishment to an innocent God like child of separation from his father, for no fault of his is abolished.”

Discussing the charges made by Abhinav Kohli, in a visit with TellyChakkar, he had uncovered that he hasn’t conversed with his child for a month and Shweta had blocked him from WhatsApp and in this manner, he was utilizing his online life handle to share his side of the story. In his words, “It has been a month that I haven’t seen my son’s face. I am longing to see him and hear his voice calling me ‘papa’. Shweta has also blocked me from WhatsApp since a month. I’ve received a lot of hate from people, some of them also called me a person with mental disorder and psychological complications which has affected me a lot. My posts on social media is to give out my side of the story.”

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