Alec Baldwin Denies Pulling The Trigger Of The Gun That Accidentally Killed A Crew Member- Snippets Inside

Alec Baldwin has given his first interview since cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on the set of Rust. On Tuesday, the actor, who allegedly fired the deadly shot from a secure “cold gun,” met with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos claimed he and Baldwin spoke for an hour and 20 minutes earlier on Wednesday, calling the conversation “intense,” “raw,” and “very candid.”

Baldwin can now be seen breaking down in tears and denying that he pulled the trigger of the gun in a new clip aired by ABC from the interview.

Baldwin’s interview will be the first time the actor has discussed the tragedy in depth. The event sparked a national debate about the usage of firearms onset and whether they should be replaced permanently by rubber and airsoft pistols.

Gunshot effects should be applied in post-production, according to Hollywood stars like Rian Johnson. The detectives acquired an order to search the facilities of a weapons supplier in the United States earlier this week. According to an affidavit filed with the warrant, investigators were told that ammo for the film came from a variety of places, including PDQ Arm & Prop.

Baldwin practiced a scene on the 19th-century western in which he points a gun at the camera, cinematographer Hutchins was shot and died. Halls delivered the gun to the Emmy winner and labelled it “cold,” which is industry jargon meaning “inert.” Halls then admitted to investigators that he hadn’t thoroughly checked it. Hutchins was wounded in the shoulder by a live bullet that passed through him.

Halyna Hutchins, 42, was airlifted to the University of New Mexico hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Director Joel Souza, 48, was being cared for at Christus St. Vincent Medical Center.

Alexander Rae Baldwin II is an actor, writer, comedian, filmmaker, and political activist from the United States.  He is the eldest of the Baldwin family’s four acting brothers. Baldwin rose to prominence after starring in the CBS primetime soap drama Knots Landing in the sixth and seventh seasons.

Baldwin earned his third Primetime Emmy in 2017 for his depiction of Donald Trump on the long-running sketch show Saturday Night Live, which aired during the latter half of the 2016 presidential election campaign and following the inauguration.

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