Alia Bhatt Falls Prey to Deepfake Videos: The Concerning Case Of Advanced Technology

The rising trend of deepfake videos, a concerning consequence of advanced technology, has ensnared actress Alia Bhatt on the web, marking her as the latest victim alongside other celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Kajol, and Sara Tendulkar. A particular deepfake video, widely circulating on the internet, depicts a girl resembling Alia Bhatt engaging in explicit gestures, triggering significant concerns across social media platforms.

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Instances of Deepfake Videos Involving Actresses

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the girl in the video is not Alia Bhatt; rather, her face has been digitally superimposed onto another person’s body. This incident follows Rashmika Mandanna’s previous expression of concern when a deepfake video featuring her went viral, drawing support from prominent figures like Amitabh Bachchan. Subsequently, another digitally manipulated video emerged, featuring Bollywood actor Kajol, where her face was morphed onto another woman’s body as she changed clothes on camera. Fact-checking platforms, such as BoomLive, clarified that the video originally belonged to an English social media influencer participating in the ‘Get Ready With Me’ trend on TikTok.

The rising prevalence of deepfake videos featuring actresses is causing significant concerns and amplifying fears about their potential impact on both celebrities and ordinary individuals, who may lack the resources to counter the proliferation of deepfake technology.

It is increasingly urgent to address and prevent the spread of such content to safeguard individuals’ privacy and reputation in the digital age.

The actor expressed gratitude for her family, friends, and well-wishers who serve as her protection and support system. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasized the need to address identity theft urgently, especially for those in school or college who might struggle to handle such situations. Rashmika tagged the official X accounts of Cyberabad Police and Maharashtra Cyber, the nodal agency for cyber security and cybercrime investigation for Maharashtra, in her tweet.