Alia Bhatt Gets Furious Over Objectionable Remarks On women; Says, “Why Only Women Need To Hide Their Underwear?

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is making headlines these days. She recently announced her pregnancy and delighted fans. In addition, several films by Alia Bhatt are scheduled to be released, including “Darling”, which will be released on the OTT platform on August 5th. Alia is promoting this film a lot. In a recent interview, the actress candidly admitted to uncomfortable comments. Alia also notes that similar claims have been found in the industry as well.

Alia Bhatt said in her interview that women face the wrong things in society and that gender discrimination exists in many cases and in the industry too. After listening to the comments, the actress stated that she wasn’t aware of sexism. But later I found out. The actress said she was upset when a woman asked her to hide her bra.

Alia Bhat said she often faces unwanted comments about herself but chooses not to pay attention. Moreover, the actress said, “I think about all this a lot because I know about this problem. I think this is a sexist comment. Sometimes my friends say that I am too aggressive. I am too sensitive.”

Alia said, “People used to tell me not to be too sensitive. Are you menstruating? Then I say I am not sensitive and nothing more. You are also born because women menstruate. Alia says I get really upset when people say, “your bra can’t be put on the bed or it should be hidden. However, This didn’t happen to me, but many women have something to hide.

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