Alia Bhatt Responds to Ranbir Kapoor’s Comment About Her Being Loud: ‘I’ve Heard…’

Alia Bhatt, a multifaceted personality excelling as an actress, producer, and entrepreneur, entered a new chapter of her life when she tied the knot with actor Ranbir Kapoor on April 14, 2022, in a private ceremony. Their joy multiplied with the arrival of their first child, daughter Raha Kapoor, born on November 6, 2022. Despite her remarkable achievements, Alia often faces criticism and trolling online. However, she recently addressed this ongoing scrutiny.

Alia Bhatt at promotional event

At a promotional event for Poacher in London, Alia appeared alongside her mother, Soni Razdan, and sister, Shaheen Bhatt. She elegantly draped herself in a black velvet saree paired with a matching sleeveless blouse, accessorized with pearl jewellery. With subtle makeup and a bun hairstyle, she exuded grace. During the event, Alia humorously acknowledged the criticism about her being loud, quipping, “So in the past, I have been told that I speak very loudly, so you can say that I am a very good loudspeaker for this show.”

Alia Bhatt On Being Loud Mouth

This comment sparked varied reactions among netizens. Some expressed concern, noting that constant scrutiny seems to be taking a toll on Alia’s demeanour. Others criticized Ranbir Kapoor for previously describing Alia as ‘loud’ on multiple occasions.

Ranbir Kapoor’s remarks about Alia’s personality have garnered attention in the past. In an interview with GoodTimes, he shared his thoughts on Alia’s vivacious nature, expressing a preference for his daughter Raha to resemble Alia physically but have a quieter personality like his own. Ranbir admitted finding Alia’s exuberance challenging to manage and hoped for a more subdued demeanour from his daughter, stating, “I hope Raha is a bit more quiet and demure like me so then we both can handle Alia.”

Alia’s witty response to criticism reflects her ability to navigate challenges with humour and grace. Despite the occasional scrutiny, she continues to shine in her career and personal life, supported by her family and loved ones.