Alia Bhatt Trolled For Giving Birth Before 9 Months, Netizens Say, “She Was Pregnant Before Marriage”

Yesterday, B’Towns popular lovebirds, Ranbir and Alia became parents to their ‘baby girl’, and announced this happy news via Instagram. All the social media platforms were filled with this good news, and fans and family were congratulating the new parents. Where the internet was filled with lots of happiness and positivity, on the other hand, Alia was being trolled for giving birth before the completion of 9 months.

A lot of Memes are also getting viral based on Alia’s pregnancy before marriage. On the other hand, some memes are based on complete calculations about Alia’s marriage to her date of giving birth. Due to this, Netizens are actively criticizing her for getting pregnant before marriage, and ruining India’s culture. Some people are also commenting that the actual reason behind Ranbir and Alia’s marriage was her pregnancy. It has also been commented that “Ranbir was burdened with this marriage due to Alia’s pregnancy, and this marriage wouldn’t have happened without this pregnancy.

The lovebirds got married in April this year and soon announced their pregnancy in June via Instagram. Alia has always been the target of trolling ever since due to the nepotism debate and now due to her pregnancy. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to her as trolling is a part of a celebrity lifestyle. The Kapoor family is more than excited to welcome their new family member and congratulate the couple through their Instagram stories.

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