‘Almost Miscarried’: Shahid Kapoor’s Wife Mira Rajput Opens Up On Nrearly Losing Daughter ‘Misha’

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput opened up about a difficult phase of her life. She recalls when she almost suffered from a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. Mira was on podcast with Prakhar Gupta when she shared how she had dilated, when she was ‘only four months pregnant.’ Mira also revealed how Shahid was there for her during the period, and asked the doctor if she could take rest at their home.

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What Mira revealed

Mira Rajput revealed that she almost miscarried when she was four months pregnant.

In the interview, Mira said, “Not many people know this, but when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was my first pregnancy. And you are like, oh, I am 21-20, whatever… I am healthy, and I am like very fit and the prime of my life in terms of having kids. What is the worse can happen, and I almost miscarried when I was four months pregnant. Came back and had this sonography and the doctor tells me that lie down right now.”

Shahid: ‘Let her be at home”

She also told that the doctor said that she had dilated and could lose the baby any moment. She went on to tell how she was hospitalised and kept under observation for the next couple of months. She also mentioned that how supportive his husband Shahid Kapoor was. He spoke with doctors and got her out of the hospital. He arranged everything at their home for her.

Mira said, “At the end of two and a half months, I wanted to get out from there, but couldn’t get off the bed, so Shahid spoke to my doctor and told him, ‘I will set up the home as a hospital, will put up the bed, and get everything, but let her be at home.’”

“He was seeing that it was taking a toll on me mentally. So, we did this, went back home, my whole family come to see me surprises me. They surprised me, and I was so overwhelmed that I started getting contractions.”

The doctor then told her that she needs to get back to the hospital again.

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