Ameesha Patel Claims Her Film Ye Hai Jalwa Flopped Due To Salman Khan!

Gadar 2 actress Ameesha Patel is really happy about her movie doing well. This movie is a sequel to a film called Gadar: Ek Prem Katha from 2001. People loved her character ‘Sakina’ in this new movie.

Ameesha has been talking openly about things from the 1990s and about movies that could have been successful but weren’t because the audience didn’t like them. One of these movies was with Salman Khan, and it didn’t do well because of his serious issue.

Ameesha Patel says- yeh hai jalwa flopped due to Salman khan

Recently, Ameesha Patel explained why her movie Yeh Hai Jalwa, where she acted with Salman Khan, wasn’t successful. She said it was a great film made by David Dhawan, and Salman Khan looked awesome in it. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t do well because of a bad incident involving Salman Khan in the same year. Ameesha said that the media was really focused on this accident, and people didn’t want to hear bad things about their favorite actors. So, they ignored the movie Yeh Hai Jalwa. She said if people had been more okay with negative news, the movie would have been a hit.

About Salman Khan’s hit and run case

In September 2002, Salman Khan got into trouble because of a car accident. He was arrested for driving recklessly and crashing into a bakery in Mumbai. This accident resulted in the death of one person sleeping outside the bakery, and three others were seriously hurt. At first, Salman Khan was blamed, but later it was proven that his driver was responsible.

People got upset with that news

According to Ameesha, this accident got a lot of attention from the media and made people uninterested in the movie. The accident happened in September 2002, and Salman Khan was initially blamed, but later it was clear that his driver was at fault.

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