Amitabh Bachchan Was Taken Aback By A Child’s Question; Said, “I Didn’t Have A Reply”

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is known to record his daily life experiences on his blog. He is extremely active on his social media accounts and regularly updates his fans. The posts are usually full of wit and are quite clear. His most recent blog is about his conversation with a five-year-old boy during an RBI (Reserve Bank of India) event. The veteran actor shared how he was stunned by the child’s question and had no answer to it.

The five-year-old boy asked the legendary actor his age. To which the megastar politely replied, “80,” then the boy quickly asked, “Why are you working at 80? Go home and rest.” He shared the details of his meeting with the child on his blog. It was written something like this:

I was working for RBI’s campaign, and during the scene, a little kid, about five or six years old, turned to me in the middle of the rehearsal and said, “Excuse me, how old are you?” I said, “80 years.”

He said back, “Oh! So why are you working? My grandparents are sitting at home and resting. You should do the same.” I had no reply for him.

Mainly because I was amazed at the untimely veracity of this five-year-old. And secondly, I had no reply.

The blog continued: “The conversation stayed with me, as in many cases in this digitally informative encyclopedia, and has found its place today. This morning, of retired workers.” Amitabh Bachchan further said that he gave his autograph to the child, and also clicked a picture with him. On the other hand, he has started shooting for the quiz show, “Kaun Banega Crorepati 14,” and he keeps posting news related to the shooting.