Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Cheeni Kum’ Co-Star Swini Khara Gets Engaged To Her Fiancé Urvish Desai In A Dreamy Ceremony!

Swini recently confirmed her engagement to Urvish Desai on social media. In a recent interview, the actress revealed the news of her engagement. She confessed that the match was arranged.

Swini Khara received praise for her adorable performance in Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu’s Cheeni Kum. She portrayed Big B’s friend and next-door neighbour.

Swini Khara, the child actor, is now 24 years old and engaged to be married!

Swini Khara announces her engagement.

Swini Khara just revealed her engagement in an interview. She said that it is a ‘arranged’ match.

Swini came to Instagram to post romantic photos from her engagement. With her beautiful lehenga, she looked like a princess. Swini captioned it, “I’d marry you with paper rings #SwiniGotHerVish.”

Swini released more photos from the event on Thursday. Urvish was seen giving her a nice kiss in one of the photos. Swini captioned the photos, “With you, I’d dance in a storm in my nicest outfit, Fearless.”

Swini Khara Talks About Her First Date With Fiancé.

Swini said in an interview with Hindustan Times that she and Urvish would marry in the winter. She also discussed her first meeting with him. She stated that they met a few months ago and quickly bonded due to their similar personalities. After a few months of talking and getting to know each other, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Swini termed him a ‘jewel of a human’. She also stated that the wedding will take place later this year, though no dates have been set.

Swini Khara was last seen in the 2016 film MS Dhoni- The Untold Story, following which she took a long break from acting. “I was overseas on an exchange programme, after studying law in Hyderabad for four years,” she says of her present job at a legal company. I returned in 2021.

I quit acting because, as you know, class ten is very important in India, and you have to pay close attention to your academics. I was a highly studious child who excelled in school. Acting demands effort, and I wanted to deepen my education. As a youngster, being a full-time actor and managing schoolwork was simple, but as you get older, things change.”

Khara is still being approached for films and television series, but she is “happy” to pursue a career in law. While acting is something I miss, I am very happy to be moving on.

I receive offers all the time, and I did read a few scripts here and there but didn’t end up doing them for various reasons. Before, I had intended to prioritise university. I now work in a law company. I’ve moved on from acting in a little way. But if I come across any fascinating scripts, I’ll see what I can do,” she concludes.

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