Angelina Jolie-Halle Berry Bond Over Divorces Amid Rocky Project Start

“In their upcoming joint production, ‘Maude v Maude,’ Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie, who are co-producing the film, will find themselves at odds on screen. Despite a rocky start during the project’s initiation, the two actors, currently in the preparation phase, will share screen space. In a recent Variety interview, Halle Berry disclosed that their initial challenges paved the way for a bond, particularly over shared experiences of ‘divorces and exes.'”


“Halle Berry acknowledged the initial challenges in their collaboration, stating, ‘We had a rocky start, and I think that is going to serve us well in our screen time together.’ Describing Angelina as ‘formidable,’ Halle expressed her enthusiasm for partnering with another woman to craft a story reflecting their sensibilities. Although she didn’t disclose the specifics of their initial difficulties, she mentioned, ‘We’ve been talking a lot about divorces and exes. We bonded, let’s say that.’

In the same interview, Halle provided insights into their film, ‘Maude v Maude,’ describing it as a blend of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ and ‘Mission: Impossible’ with a comedic twist. She hinted at physical and intellectual battles between herself and Angelina Jolie in the movie.

Halle Berry’s divorce

“This year, Halle Berry finalized her divorce with Olivier Martinez. As per a Page Six report, a Los Angeles court mandated that Halle Berry pay $8000 per month in child support for their 9-year-old son, Maceo.”

Angelina’s divorce

“Currently engaged in a contentious dispute with ex-husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is grappling with custody battles, property disputes, and various issues. The former couple shares six kids: Maddox (17), Pax (15), Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), and twins Vivienne and Knox (10). Reflecting on life post-divorce in a recent Vogue interview, Angelina emphasized, ‘Recently, I would’ve gone under in a much darker way had I not wanted to live for them. They’re better than me because you want your children to be.'”

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