Anjum Fakih AKA Shrishti Of Kundali Bhagya Auditioned For This Role Initially; Deets Inside

ZeeTV’s most famous show, Kundali Bhagya starring Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Anjum Fakih, Manit Joura, Abhishek Kapur has one hell of a fan following on social media. Audiences just love the chemistry between the reel characters and the actors in real life also share a great rapport. Shraddha Arya plays the lead role in the show as Preeta while Dheeraj Dhoopar plays the male protagonist of the show as Karan Luthra. Anjum Fakih plays Preeta’s sister Shrishti, Manit Joura plays, Rishab ( Karan’s brother) and Abhishek plays Karan and Rishab’s younger brother, Sameer. But dear fans, did you know that Anjum Fakih had also auditioned for the lead in the show, Preeta? Yes, you read it right. We can’t imagine Anjum playing any other role than Shrishti right and so does Anjum? Well, Anjum Fakih had given her audition for both Shrishti and Preeta’s role but it was the channel’s call to select her for one of the characters and she was chosen to play Shrishti in the show.

Shrishti aka Anjum Fakih unfolded the whole scenario and said, Narrating her part, Srishti aka Anjum Fakih said, “Whenever I go for an audition, I go with an open mind. I had auditioned for both Preeta and Srishti’s roles. However, when I got into the groove, I kind of vibed more with Srishti’s character and realized that we have very similar personalities. I was very sure that I would be able to add my own tadka to the role and make it more interesting. I believe even the makers felt that because after the auditions I was straight away called for Srishti’s character. I think somewhere in their head too, they were convinced that I was the perfect fit for the role! In fact, it was Ekta’s idea to cast me as Srishti.”

Anjum further added, “To be honest, I always wanted to essay Srishti’s character after the auditions, simply because I see Anjum’s reflection in her. She is impulsive, innocent, and head-strong, unlike Preeta’s character who is calm and composed. I feel I am content portraying Srishti’s character because there is so much to give to the character and so much more to learn from it too. I am just glad that everything fell in place, the way it was meant to be.

Last year, in July, the news of Anjum’s breakup with long-time boyfriend Kettan Singh made headlines. Citing incompatibility issues, the couple called it quits in March 2020. Anjum is often seen enjoying trips and outings with her Kundali Bhagya fame. She shares a great equation with Sharddha Arya and these pictures are proof.

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