BB16: Ankit Gupta And Tina Dutta Quarrelled During Captaincy Task; THIS Contestant Warned Former Captain!

Bigg Boss has become one of the most-watched shows on television within a few weeks of the launch of its new season. In the last captaincy task, contestant Gautam Singh Vig became the captain of the house after winning the task. Now, it’s time to pick the new captain of the house, and the house’s contestants seem to be competing to win the captain’s position.

Priyanka Chaudhary is one of the contenders, and Bigg Boss asked the other contestants to create obstacles in their way to win the task. Where Archana poured water on her to stop her, while Ankit tried to help Priyanka get victory. However, during the task, Ankit and Tina got into an ugly brawl, where Tina tried to obstruct Priyanka’s task. The aggression brought both of them to the brink of a physical fight. The other contestants rushed to stop them.

Things got worse as Shalin stepped in and told Ankit not to touch Tina. He also told him that he is requesting him for the last time not to touch her, and to make things worse for everyone. Ankit made it clear to him that he was not touching her at all, but he needed an answer.

On the other hand, another contestant, Gori Nagori, was seen facing many hurdles in the captaincy task. During this task, she was badly injured while trying to grab a bucket of water to throw at Priyanka. Thereafter, Gori was seen crying inconsolably, while Ankit tried to apologise to her for the same. Everyone in the house tried to pacify Gori. Although, she refused to understand and kept on crying.

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