Anupam Kher’s New Disclosure Regarding The Promotion Of The Kashmir Files, Kapil Sharma Thanked Him!

Producer-director Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been making a lot of headlines these days. since the film was released, This film is getting a lot of love from the audience. Recently, while talking to Vivek Agnihotri’s Dainik, comedian Kapil Sharma was accused of refusing to promote the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ on his The Kapil Sharma Show.

Now Kapil Sharma has given his reaction on this whole matter. He has shared a video related to a news channel on social media. In which film ‘The Kashmir Files’ actor Anupam Kher is seen revealing the truth of not going to The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil Sharma is very active on social media. He often shares special posts to stay connected with his fans.

Kapil Sharma has shared this video of Anupam Kher on his official Instagram account. Recently Anupam Kher took part in the discussion of a TV channel. This discussion was about this film and the condition of Kashmiri Pandits. In this discussion, the host of the show questioned Anupam Kher about Kapil Sharma’s show. In which the actor revealed that Kapil Sharma’s team had invited him two months back to appear on their show to promote the film ‘The Kashmir Files’.

Watch the video here;

But the actor refused to go on The Kapil Sharma Show, realizing the seriousness of the film. Anupam Kher said this film is very serious. That’s why I didn’t want to be a part of the show (The Kapil Sharma Show). I refused my manager, but I have to say, Kapil has no malice towards us or the film. After Anupam Kher’s statement, Kapil Sharma has thanked him by sharing the video.

He wrote in the post of the video, ‘Thank you paaji Anupam Kher for clarifying the false allegations against me and also to all those friends who gave me so much love without knowing the truth. Be happy, keep smiling. This post of Kapil Sharma is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The fans of the actor and all the social media users are liking the post. Also, give your feedback by commenting.

Let us tell you that in the past, Vivek Agnihotri while talking to Dainik, had said that Kapil Sharma had categorically refused to call the star cast of ‘The Kashmir Files’ in his show. We are the only ones who can do something for the film and they refused us directly.

Vivek Agnihotri further said, ‘When this whole controversy started, only a day or a half ago he told Pallavi, if you want, we can do it on 15-16 April. The film is releasing now, what’s the use later? And to avoid all this, Kapil Sharma sent a statement and said yesterday it is a one-sided story. Vivek also described Kapil Sharma as clever and a TRP collector.

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