Anupama Fame Actor Aashish Mehrotra Suddenly Quit The Show, Due To Trolling

The television serial “Anupama” has been dealt a big blow. Actor Aashish Mehrotra, who played the role of Toshu in the show, has suddenly bid farewell to the serial.

“Anupama” has become a top show in the TV industry. The show features a large star cast that has gained popularity among fans. Recently, a leap of five years occurred in the show, resulting in several actors taking leave.

Anupama Fame Actor Aashish Mehrotra Quit The Show 

Amidst all this, the makers have been struck with a major setback. Aashish Mehrotra, who portrayed Toshu’s role in the show, has decided to leave the show. Yes, Aashish Mehrotra has bid farewell to “Anupama” abruptly.

In fact, Aashish Mehrotra shared a long note on his official Instagram account, along with some photos from the sets of “Anupama”. In the caption, Aashish talked about his journey. He mentioned working on the show for four years and how portraying a role opposite to his real-life persona was quite challenging.

Aashish described his journey as roller-coaster-like, recounting references from being the firstborn at home to a college topper. He also counted various bad habits, including being a drunkard and running away from marriages.

Aashish Mehrotra

Aashish Mehrotra

Aashish’s post is going viral on social media. Many fans are saddened by his departure. However, all the artists of “Anupama” have wished Aashish all the best for his new journey.

The departure of Aashish Mehrotra, who played Toshu’s role in the television serial “Anupama”, has raised several questions. Now fans want to know if Toshu’s role will end on the show.

In the latest episode, it was shown that Kinjal decides to leave for India, leaving Toshu. Now it remains to be seen if Toshu’s role ends with Kinjal going alone to India or if the makers bring in a new actor in the serial.

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