Anupama To Give Up Her Life After Anuj Refuses To Return In Her Life: Checkout Latest Update!

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show “Anupamaa” became the number one hit on television. The final song of the show revolves around the ruined lives of Anupama and Anuj. Anuj went to Maya for Anu’s child and Anupama was devastated by her second failed marriage. When Anupama’s mother goes to comfort Anuj, he refuses to return. He asks Anupama not to give him hope and says that he will not leave little Anu.

Anupama’s Mother Taught Lesson To Maya

In today’s episode, Maya tells Kantaji that Anuj will not return to Anupama again. Three of them live happily in this house. In doing so, Kanta taught Maya the lesson that Anuj would never be his. Anuj gives no place to others, whether they have Anupama in their hearts or not. He only loves Anupama and one day they will definitely meet. Maya is in a bad mood when she hears this. Anuj is standing there as Maya turns around after Kanta Ji leaves. Maya thinks that Anuj heard her, but this does not happen. He goes there as well, and Maya whispers to him that she will return to him someday.

Anupama Wants To Die

Kanta ji comes and tells Anupama that Anuj will never come back to her. He wanted to be with little Anu. So don’t wait. Hearing these words, Anupama fainted and wept bitterly and locked herself in room.After not opening the door for a long time, her sister breaks down the door and enters, Anupama writes in her diary that she doesn’t want to live anymore. She wants to die. She ended her first and second marriages, blaming herself for being wrong. they both left him.

Bapuji Asks Vanraj To Stay Away From Anupama

On the other hand, Everyone in the Shah’s house is worried about Anupam. Bapuji asks Dagger to call Anupama, but no one answers the phone. Everyone is scared and Vanraj says that Anupama went crazy after Anuj left. Bapuji also tells Vanraj to stay away from Anupama and not think about him. However, Vanraj said that he would never be able to do so.

Anupama To Move On In her Life

The latest promo shows how Kanta Ji teaches Anupama the meaning of life and introduces her to those who fight for life and death. Anupama says that now she too will start a new life. Now we just have to see what kind of Anupama we see in the next few days.

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