Anurag Kashyap Addresses Fallout With ‘Dev D’ Actor, Abhay Deol, Says, ‘The Truth Can’t Be Spoken’ Deets Inside!

Anurag Kashyap revealed that he has strained relationships with the majority of the actors with whom he has worked, and he made a shocking revelation about Abhay Deol.

Anurag Kashyap talks about his fallout with Abhay Deol

In a recent interview with Janice Sequeira, Anurag Kashyap discussed his side of the story regarding strained relationships with several people with whom he has previously worked. He talked candidly, above all, about his falling out with Abhay Deol, the actor he directed in the movie Dev D. Anurag clarified that he hasn’t seen Abhay since they shot together, indicating that this isn’t a perpetual habit of his not keeping friendly relationships in life. In his own words: 

“I am not bad at maintaining relationships. Abhay, I have not met him since the shooting of Dev D. He didn’t even come for promotions and he has never spoken to me since. If he wants to call me toxic, fine, it’s his side of the story.”

Anurag says revealing the truth about his discord with Abhay would put the latter in a bad light

Moving on, Anurag Kashyap revealed that he does not want to reveal much about what went wrong between him and Abhay Deol because, at the end of the day, it could paint the actor in a negative light. Furthermore, he claimed that Abhay would not want to talk much about it either. He further stated: 

“The truth can’t be spoken because if I will speak the truth, he won’t be able to show his face. There is too much truth in there that Abhay will also not have the courage to talk about. And I will not talk about it because it will make him look like s***t.” 

Once Anurag accused Bollywood filmmakers to imitate budget of pan-Indian films

Anurag Kashyap previously accused Bollywood filmmakers of trying to copy high-grossing pan-Indian films by finalising large budgets. This was discussed in a conversation with the Humans of Cinema. Filmmakers are now more focused on hitting numbers than anything else, even though stealing plots from South Indian films has really led to a crisis of original creativity. 

Anurag Kashyap said how he dealt with extreme sickness in the past two years

Anurag Kashyap discussed the reason behind his apparent disappearance from the scene over the last two years in another section of the same interview. The filmmaker disclosed that he was physically and creatively exhausted due to struggling with severe illness. He further disclosed that he was depressed in addition to relying significantly on steroids for recuperation. He stated:

“I have gone through two and a half years of extreme sickness, dependency on medicines, I have gone through my whole phase of depression. In a phase like that, you have to prioritise yourself first. So, if I am not physically, mentally, emotionally healed…. If you see my interviews of last year, you will see how unwell I was. Even then people come and ask you to read their script.”

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