“Anushka Sharma Changed Virat Kohli”, Reveals Ishant Sharma In An Interview: Checkout!

Virat Kohli is known for his angry young man player on the pitch. Well, He was seen with a tremendous change in recent years. Ishant Sharma, who has played over 100 Tests for India, made a humorous revelation on Ranveer Allahbadia’s YouTube show, implying that his wife Anushka Sharma has had a significant role in transforming Virat Kohli’s life. Ishant added that Kohli was not always this way, but that after marriage, he completely changed.

Ishant Sharma Says- Anushka Changed Virat Kohli

Ishant Sharma disclosed many previously unknown facts about Virat Kohli. He said, “Anushka sharma is the one who made virat this religious. As there was a period when he didn’t believe in God or these things.” Ishan also mentioned that he was heartbroken when his father died, but he showed courage by batting in the next scene, and if I were in his place, I would never have been able to step onto the pitch.

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Ishant Sharma also said, “I’ve never seen him cry but I know he was devastated when his father died.We were playing Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy. He was unbeaten that day, but had to bat the next day. Virat was always there to pick me up before the game. From Patel Nagar to Feroz Shah Kotla, we used to ride the bus. He appeared to be empty that day.”

Ishant Sharma Remembers the day when Virat Kohli’s father died

Ishant stated of Virat Kohli’s father’s death, “I asked him why he was so serious, but he didn’t answer. I stroked him on the back of the head gently. Then another individual told me that his father had died. I couldn’t think of anything to say. We had finished 17 runs. He kept batting and scored 80 runs. If something like this had occurred to me, I doubt I would have been able to play.”

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