Arbaaz Khan Addresses Galaxy Apartments Shooting, Counters ‘Publicity Stunt’ Allegations

Arbaaz Khan made a statement on behalf of the family after the shooting outside their home in Bandra’s Galaxy Apartments.
Reports that Arbaaz wrote were wrong when they said that the event didn’t affect the family. The star called what was going on “disturbing and unsettling.”

Arbaaz’s statement

Arbaaz Khan wrote, “Recently, two unknown people on a motorbike fired shots at Galaxy Apartments, which is where the Salim Khan family lives. This is very upsetting and scary.” The shocking thing that happened has shocked our family. Unfortunately, people who say they are close to our family and are the spokesperson have been telling the media that it’s all just a publicity stunt and that the family isn’t hurt. This isn’t true, and these views shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“No one from the Salim Khan family has talked to the media about this incident.” Right now, the family is helping the cops look into what happened and is cooperating with them. The Mumbai cops have earned our trust and have promised to do everything they can to keep our family safe. “Your love and support are greatly appreciated,” he wrote.

What happened?

Two unnamed people opened fire outside Khan’s house on a Sunday morning, which led to quick action from the police.
Initial reports say that the attackers came on a motorbike while wearing hats over their faces, which suggests that the attack was “carefully planned.” Moving the case to the Mumbai Crime Branch is an important step in the ongoing probe. Several teams are working hard to figure out what happened in this heinous attack.

Once people heard about the fire, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde called Salman to talk about it. Shinde also talked to the Mumbai Police Commissioner about the issue and suggested that Salman Khan’s safety be boosted.
Some news sites said that Salim Khan called it a “publicity stunt” and that the family was fine and calm.