Arbaaz Khan Broke His Silence On Divorce: ‘We Stop Feeling Excited…’

Arhaan Khan the beloved son of Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, is currently making headlines, especially with his show “Dumb Biryani.” In this show, Arhaan is openly discussing with his father Arbaaz Khan, uncle Sohail Khan, and Salman Khan.

Arbaaz Khan’s son, Arhaan, has made his debut among the audience with his new podcast show, “Dumb Biryani.” In the first episode of the show, Arhaan openly discussed marriage and relationships with his father and uncle. Additionally, during the show, Arhaan was addressing Sohail Khan as “Sohail Papa.”

Arbaaz Khan Talked About Love And Relationships

In this show “Dumb Biryani,” they discuss various topics, including relationships and divorce. During the first episode, Arbaaz and his brother Sohail Khan talked about their views on love and relationships.

They discussed the importance of ending relationships amicably when the excitement and spark fade away. Arbaaz Khan Said: “When you start thinking of yourself as the center of any relationship, that relationship starts to deteriorate. Both people are important in any relationship.”

Sohail compared relationships to other things in life with expiration dates, emphasizing the need to move forward harmoniously when the excitement diminishes. He also stressed the importance of communication in maintaining relationships.

He said: “Every relationship has an expiration date. When we stop feeling excited about any relationship, it starts to gradually fall apart.”

Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz emphasized the importance of giving in relationships rather than just looking out for one’s interests. He discouraged depending solely on a partner for happiness and suggested ending relationships where the other person is only focused on their benefit.

It’s well known that both Sohail and Arbaaz have gone through divorces. Sohail divorced his wife Seema Sachdev in 2022, and Arbaaz divorced his first wife Malaika Arora in 2017. Arbaaz recently remarried Shura Khan.

Arhaan seems quite excited about his new show, “Dumb Biryani.” Apart from Arhaan, his mother Malaika and director Karan Johar also seem pleased with the show.