Are You Dating A Breadcrumber? Know What It Is And 6 Signs If It Is Happening With You!

You might know about ghosting in a relationship, but are you aware of Breadcrumbing? Though it is a slang word, most people aren’t aware of it. In a literal sense, it means showing affectionate signs to someone without interest in the relationship.

One person can use this manipulative behavior in a relationship just to keep things going—however, the other clueless person would have to bear the emotional brunt of it.

When someone breadcrumbs you, you are clueless as you don’t know – the real intention behind it. You would believe in actions, but their intentions may be different.

Let’s see some signs of Breadcrumbing, so you stay aware of it – the next time someone does the same with you.

Flirting and showing interest

Those who are breadcrumbs – often flirt or show interest, but they won’t go further. If they don’t ask you out even after continuous flirting – it could be a sign of breadcrumbing.

Also, they may even suggest meeting you but will cancel it later. It’s vital to identify these red flags before you get into trouble.

Plans a date but cancels

A person interested in you would be excited to meet or hang out with you. However, this does not happen with breadcrumbs. They may plan out things but cancel at the last moment.

When you ask them, they always give emergency reasons or excuses. And while they may apologize for their behavior, they won’t be committed to changing the context.

Sexual interests

Breadcrumbers often show more interest in physical intimacy. Though they will be willing to spend time with you, they will initiate sex every time to satisfy their needs.

After a while, you may feel like they value you only for sex or physical needs. It’s another red flag to recognize a breadcrumber. If you feel the same being with the person, it is time to move on from the relationship.

Mysterious behavior

Relationships should be transparent, and that’s how most couples like it. Dealing with a breadcrumb may be tricky because the intentions are not clear. A breadcrumb might behave weirdly or mysteriously with you at times.

For instance, if you find it hard to decode their chats or talks, you might be dealing with one. Don’t be a detective to decode their talks and confront them for their weird behavior.

Sharing life details

A breadcrumber would never share anything with you about life. They are often secretive about life, making you believe that there is something more to them.

Although, they may share some details about life, not all of the details as they like to keep it secret. When you confront them, they can get angry or change the topic. It’s a classic sign that the person you are dating might be a breadcrumber.

Dealing with one

Set clear boundaries and know what you deserve. You ought to recognize a breadcrumber while dating. Once you are aware, it’s easy to move on and find new meanings in life. Finally, decide if your relationship is worth it.