ART GROOVES By Poornima Dayal, Encouraging Art And Indian Artists; Details Inside

Started by Poornima Dayal, a Mumbai based artist, ART GROOVES  aims at encouraging art and Indian artists. She believes India is very rich culturally and is the land of amazing painters. Every location, every aspect of our culture can be brought to a colorful depiction on canvas. Being an artist herself for the past three decades, art is her passion. Dabbling with colors, her hobby.

As the lockdown began in 2020, Poornima wondered how painters were coping with art galleries being shut and no real scope for artists to display their paintings. Hence, the idea of Art Meet came up. This became a regular forum on Facebook live, where she began inviting artists from within India and Indian artists living abroad to come together on this platform to display their works and discuss their inspirations. Adding more stars to this show were special chief guests from other creative fields, who further spoke of their journey and art. Helmed with live music, poetry reading this show was a big hit with audiences world-wide. 

This year in February ART GROOVES conducted their 1st online art exhibition where 22 incredible artists participated. ‘The exuberance with which they all exhibited their works was delightful’, says Poornima. She intends to continue with regular Art meets, online. Artists are welcome to join Art meet. It is free of cost.

The artists showcased a large array of art pieces at the last ART GROOVES, painting exhibition that concluded on 28th February, 2021.

Samiran’s portrayal of Banaras – twilighting through colors, Nitzana ‘s subtle yet defining use of colors, Karishma’s well painted Buddha to a literal floral gallery displayed by some artists, it was truly an exhibition a la perfection.

Whilst Poornima herself bathes her canvas with acrylic and oil paints – making cityscapes and an abstract depiction of Divine forms, Suneil, speaks through his water colors as they flow swiftly on paper, telling tales from the Mahajanaka Jataka. 

This year ART GROOVES came out with a special Woman’s day e catalog unveiling works of artists on board this forum, charming the observer with their ideas on the feminine, conveyed through varied art forms. 

Triveni Mahajan, Karishma Tomar, Poornima Dayal, Ambika Kapoor Vij, Vasudha Arora, Vedha Sreeram, Rhea shah, Dr. Roma Madan Suri, Soha Dalwai, Sharmila Lonkar, Arti Suman, Ria Sircar, Tanya Cabral, Payal Sarvaiya and Sandhya Jathar have lent their artistic mastery to this catalog by adding their paintings to it.

You may view the e catalog at :

Incase you are an artist and are interested in being a part of Art Meet and ART GROOVES, a regular art forum online, you may get in touch at [email protected]