Aryan Khan Reveals He Had Sleep Disorder, Friends Provided Him Ganja & Charas!

Shahrukh Khan’s family is having relief as his child Aryan Khan has got a clean chit in the drugs case. However, Proof was not found against Aryan in the medications case, after which he was given a perfect chit for this situation. When Aryan Khan was arrested in the drugs case, then the name of Ananya Pandey also came up in this case as NCB found chats of Ananya Pandey and Aryan in the investigation research, in which both had a conversation about smoking weed.

When Aryan was questioned by the NCB in the drugs case, he had said in his statement, “​​In the year 2018, when I was in the USA, I started smoking ganja. Consuming ganja was legal there. That’s why I started consuming it just for fun. At that time I was also having a sleeping disorder problem. I then read in some articles on the internet that smoking ganja helps with sleep problems. After completing my course in March 2022, I came to Mumbai. Then I started buying ganja through a friend of mine, Adish Duggal. I used to give him 3 to 4 thousand rupees for one gram of ganja.”

Aryan used to take charas at the behest of friend Arbaaz

When Aryan was asked about his friend Arbaaz, he said, “He is my friend for the last 7-8 years and he also consumes ganja and hashish (charas). I do not have much of a craze for hashish (charas) But at the behest of Arbaaz, I have tried hashish.” Aryan further said, “I only take natural drugs ganja and charas. The hashish that was recovered from Arbaaz was bought by Arbaaz from Bandra only for the purpose of consumption.”

Ananya Pandey gave ganja to Aryan

Aryan also shared many insights regarding his talks about drugs. Aryan said, “I had visits of 2019 in my versatile, in which I conversed with my friend Ananya Pandey about Ganja. I might want to tell you that Ananya has a younger sister Rysa Panday. Ananya gave me ganja after the discussion. She let me know that a portion of her friend had given weed to her younger sister. Be that as it may, her sister doesn’t take ganja. That is the reason she gave me ganja since I used to consume marijuana.”

However, in the statement given to NCB, Ananya said that this is wrong and she does not know why Aryan is lying.

Aryan confesses to taking drugs in Dubai

Aryan had also informed NCB about his chats with another woman. He had said, “I met her in Dubai. She is a resident of London. She met me at a party in Burj Khalifa, Dubai. I had taken ganja and charas with him in Dubai. The drugs were brought to Dubai by a boy named Omar.” Talking about this, Aryan further said, “I wanted to know how drugs are sold in London. Aryan said that he was sharing his drug experience in chats.”

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