Aryan Khan’s Rumored Beau Larissa Bonesi Gets Immense Love From SRK Fans

Bollywood hottie Aryan Khan has supposedly fallen in love with Brazilian actress and model Larissa Bonesi, according to a flurry of rumours. The duo’s rumoured relationship has ignited curiosity among fans, and the internet is abuzz with whispers of their secret romance.

The Concert Connection

It all began when a Reddit post surfaced, hinting at Aryan and Larissa’s close bond. According to an eagle-eyed Redditor, the pair was spotted together at a concert, sharing smiles and camaraderie. While neither party has confirmed nor denied the news, fans closely watch their social media interactions. She also appears in his advertising campaign for Aryan Khan’s company, D’Yavol.

The Online Frenzy

Shah Rukh Khan’s loyal fan base wasted no time flooding Larissa Bonesi’s Instagram comments section. Their affectionate messages range from “Bahu Toh Sundar Hai” (meaning “The daughter-in-law is beautiful”) to “Bharat Ki Sun Bai” (signifying her connection to India). The stunning model has become the talk of the town, and fans eagerly await any confirmation of their relationship status.

Larissa Bonesi in D’Yavol

Sussanne Khan’s Seal Of Approval

Adding to the intrigue, Sussanne Khan—Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife—recently shared pictures with Larissa. The two beauties seem to have collaborated on a campaign, sparking further curiosity. Sussanne’s endorsement of Larissa only fuels the speculation, as both ladies share a warm camaraderie.

Aryan’s Debut As A Director

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is gearing up for his directorial debut with the web series Stardom. The show stars Mona Singh and Bobby Deol in lead roles, promising an exciting narrative. Bilal Siddique joins Aryan as one of the show’s writers. As Aryan steps into the director’s chair, fans wonder if Larissa will also play a role in his personal life.

Larissa’s Journey

Larissa Bonesi, known for her music videos and modelling career, has carved a niche in the Indian entertainment industry. Her friendship with Sussanne Khan and the subtle nods from Aryan’s family members add layers to the mystery. Will Larissa be the newest addition to the Khan family?

In Conclusion

As whispers of their romance echo through Tinsel town, Larissa and Aryan remain tight-lipped. Whether their love story blossoms into something more or remains a tantalizing rumour, fans can’t help but root for this intriguing pair. Stay tuned for updates as Bollywood’s newest couple continues to capture hearts and headlines.