‘As Sacred As Possible’: Tom Holland Opens Up About His Relationship With Zendaya!

In a recent interview, Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland talks about his relationship with girlfriend Zendaya. The actor gushed about his girlfriend while also admitting that he is fiercely protective of their relationship.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the world’s most popular power couple. In a new interview, Tom describes his relationship with Zendaya as ‘sacred.’ He made the statement while promoting his upcoming psychological thriller, The Crowded Room.

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been together for more than two years. Recently, the actor spoke fondly of his lady love. When it came to dating Zendaya, Tom Holland says making a film with her helped a lot. They collaborated on three films.

Tom Holland Discusses His Relationship With Zendaya.

Despite publicly dating for nearly two years, Tom Holland and Zendaya have always kept the details of their relationship very private. However, Tom recently gave fans a glimpse into their relationship. He explained why they’ve kept things private in a recent interview, calling their relationship “sacred.”

Tom opened up about his relationship with Zendaya in a recent interview to promote his new psychological thriller series The Crowded Room.  The couple has kept their two-year relationship under wraps. They almost never speak to the press about their relationship. Tom told The Hollywood Reporter that his relationship is sacred to him.

“Our relationship is something that we are incredibly protective of, and we want to keep it as sacred as possible,” the actor said. Tom also revealed that he and Zendaya don’t “owe” anyone anything. “We do not feel we owe anyone anything,”  “it’s our thing and has nothing to do with our careers”, he stated.

Tom Discusses Why Zendaya Missed Crowded Room’s New York Premiere.

Tom and Zendaya make every effort to be present and supportive of one another’s professional endeavours. He mentioned that they go to events together whenever their schedules allow it.  Many people noticed Zendaya’s absence from Tom’s ‘The Crowded Room’ premiere in New York.

Tom has revealed why the ‘Dune’ star was unable to attend the premiere. “She’s visiting her grandmother,” Tom explained. We’re both very busy, and we’re on opposite sides of the world right now, so she couldn’t come.”

The actor is well-known for his love of golf. During the interview, he revealed that he and Zendaya occasionally go golfing together.

“I taught her a few lessons,” he confessed. Because she is naturally talented and athletic, she picked up the skills very quickly.

About Tom Holland And Zendaya Relationship.

Rumours of their relationship first surfaced in 2019, but both denied dating. However, the paparazzi caught them kissing in his car in 2021, confirming the rumours. They then began posting adorable Instagram posts about each other, effectively sealing the deal. The two met on the set of Marvel’s Spiderman as co-stars and have been in a steady relationship for over two years.

Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Work Front.

Spiderman: No Way Home, Tom and Zendaya’s past collaboration, was a huge success. Tom is now looking forward to the release of his film The Crowded Room. As part of the promotion of her film Dune 2, Zendaya will be accompanied by her friend Timothee Chalamet.