BB16: Archana Gautam & Priyanka Chahar Win Over Bullying; Viewers Call Them “Shernis”

Contestant Archana Gautam is being praised by fans after handling all the bullies in the Bigg Boss house by Gori Nagori and more. It all started with Nimrit playing pranks on Aradhana and Priyanka on a dark night when they were sleeping. Archana and Priyanka later regained their composure and decided to take revenge and not let anyone else sleep.

Amidst all this Shiv Thakare who was the captain of the house punished Priyanka for disobeying him as she refused to fulfill her duties on time. But Bigg Boss turned the tables by announcing Archana Gautam the new captain of the house.

Everyone who was against Archana and Priyanka was shocked by this announcement. However, bully gang member Gori Nagori tried her level best to bully Archana in a task. Later Archana lost her cool and removed her hand from her face. Gori later cried about being hit by Archana.

Fans commented, “Dono Shreni,” “Priyanka and Archana were sleeping but chugli gang were disturbing their sleep, so Priyanka first came and said in decent way but they still continued that,” “I lost count how many bullies were after #ArchanaGuatam, yet she ended the day with a smile & positivity on her face. Ye alag mitti ki bani hai,” “After being bullied by everyone she smiled. That’s #ArchanaGuatam for you guys #BiggBoss16,” “Gori blatantly tries to provoke & instigate. It’s so obvious, then she turns around & cries victim when people react to her shit. It’s so transparent: you know EXACTLY what you’re doing!” “Archan sherni hai or sherni rahegi It’s a such a shame to see that Jo Tv ke jaane pehchane chhere hai wo aisa kaam kar rhe hai… They bullied Archana It’s really sad to see her like this and she stood alone.” etc.

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