BB16: Dalljiet Kaur Breaks Silence On Ex-Husband Shalin’s Romance With Tina Datta, “I Wish Him Peace Because…”

Television actor Shalin Bhanot, who is currently inside the Bigg Boss house, is grabbing a lot of attention these days. His equations with inmates have become a talking point for the audience. As per the latest episodes, Shalin is getting romantically involved with Uttaran fame actress Tina Datta inside the glass-walled house. Not just this, Shalin has also confessed his feelings to Tina openly now. Besides expressing his love, Shalin opened up about his failed marriage with Dalljiet Kaur to Datta.

While speaking about his past relationship that ended on a bitter note, Shalin stated that he and Kaur broke up for silly reasons and that they are best friends now. After the episode came out, Dalljiet took to her social media handle to tell one and all that Bhanot is making up fake stories and that she is not friends with him. Contrary to what Shalin said about his bond with Dalljiet, she told that she is cordial with him for the sake of their child, Jayden.

Her tweet read, “No I am not your best friend Shalin. Meeting once a month or two months for the sake of my child does not qualify as friendship. I wish you luck with your love life but leave me out of your fiction and stories, please. And u r calling it funny? really? Tina no hard feelings for u.”

Now, breaking her silence on the budding romance between ex-husband, Shalin and Tina, the Kulvadhu actress stated, “Whether he chooses to be with Tina or anyone else, I only wish him peace and happiness because he is the father of my child and I want nothing but positive vibes from him.”

Furthermore, Dalljiet shared how she could have easily gained sympathy by revealing details about her divorce on national television back when she participated in the controversial show but instead chose to remain tight-lipped. “I have also been in Bigg Boss (Season 13) and I stayed for 15 days inside the house, but not once did I discuss Shalin or bring up the topic of our breakup or make a joke about it. He would never have gotten any calls when I was inside the house. I am getting calls because he chose to speak about our divorce. During my stint with Bigg Boss, it could have been easy for me to cry and get attention, but I never did that,” she quoted.

For the unknown, Shalin Bhanot was accused by his ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur of cheating, abusing, and strangling her for dowry. After tying the knot in 2009, they parted ways in 2015.