BB16: Sumbul Touqeer Khan Cuts Off Ties With Shalin Bhanot; Says, ‘Mere Ko Kya Mila Bezatti?’

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sumbul Touqeer Khan finally has learned her lesson. She has denied to stand up for those who don’t stand up for her. The promo of the up-and-coming episode shows her rebelling against Shalin Bhanot. The video says that she will not stand with those who will humiliate her in front of the world. While most viewers applauded her for her decision, some claimed that she would go back to him again.

Colours shared the promo. They captioned it, “Sumbul ne liya khudka stand, kya yehi hai unke aur Shalin ke dosti ka the end (Sumbul takes a stand for herself, will this end her friendship with Shalin)?” The promo shows Shalin once again trying to mend ways with Sumbul.

He tells her, “Is ghar ki sabse badi taakat pata hai kaun hai, aap main aur Tina. Jab koi ungli udhata hai na to apno ke saath khada hua jata hai (do you know who is the biggest strength of this house, you, me and Tina. When someone points a finger, one needs to stand with their own).”

Sumbul replies to him, “Aankh band karke maine aapka saath dia, mere ko kya mila, bezzati. Mujhe mat batao apno ke saath kab khade hona hai, main unke saath khadi rahti hu jo mere sath khade ho. Jo meri dhajjiya uda dein puri duniya ke samne, main unke saath khadi nahi rahungi kabhi (I supported you blindly, what did I get, insult. Don’t you tell me when to stand on my own? I stand with those who stand with me. Those who insult me in front of the world, I will never support them).”

Fans commented, “First time sumbul ke liye taliya (claps for Sumbul for the first time),” “Sumbul you are fire good,” “Hope she’ll continue this attitude towards Shalin and Tina aunty,” “Yes please we need this toxic friendship to end. Great going” etc.