BB16: Tina Datta Makes Shalin Bhanot Open Up On His ‘Abusive’ Marriage With Dalljiet Kaur!

In the current season of Bigg Boss, television actor Shalin Bhanot is becoming a center of attraction for all females. While many inmates speculated a love angle between him and co-contestant Sumbul Touqeer Khan earlier, things are taking a new turn.

As per the latest episode, Shalin is getting romantically involved with Uttaran fame actress Tina Datta inside the glass-walled house. Not just this, Shalin has also confessed his feelings to Tina openly now.

Besides expressing his love, Shalin opened up on an untouched chapter of his life with Datta. The conversation about Bhanot’s broken marriage with Dalljiet Kaur began when he came to Tina and thanked her for making his bed. “Just wanted to tell you that I notice. I am genuinely telling you,” he said.

“How do I trust you,” Tina said in reply. Shalin then assured her by saying, “That will happen outside the Bigg Boss house. I am just telling you, though this is not the place where you can give your 100%. I promise you one thing, I will not hurt you.”

Tina further said, “This is what I am scared of.” Shalin told her, “Being a boy is a problem. If something wrong happens, it’s always the boy’s fault.” Tina indirectly said that she knows Kaur. “I Know what you mean, problem is that I know her. We are not friends, but yes we know each other.”

To this, Shalin said, “That doesn’t bother me. You don’t know the equation. It’s like best friends.” When Tina further prodded and asked him directly if that was an abusive relationship because she had heard things like that, Shalin went on to share something that stunned viewers.

He replied, “No-no. Let’s not talk about things.. because I really don’t want to. But it will be funny when I will tell you. You will be like ‘what, really? Really?’ and you will ask me ‘why don’t I speak about this? Because I don’t talk about it.”

For the unknown, Shalin Bhanot was accused by his ex-wife Daljeet Kaur of cheating, abusing and strangling her for dowry. The ex-couple had met on the sets of the serial ‘Kulvadhu’.

They had dated for a brief period before tying knot in 2009. Their relationship hit a rough patch soon after. The duo has a son named Jaydon (earlier Shaarav) together. In 2015, they parted ways on a bitter note.

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