Beat The Heat With 5 Refreshing Drinks To Cool You Down And Rejuvenate

During the summer months in India, people turn to a variety of refreshing beverages to stay hydrated and cool in the scorching heat. These drinks not only give relief from the high temperatures but also showcase the diverse range of flavours and traditions that define Indian culinary culture.

From street vendors to household kitchens, people widely enjoy these quintessential Indian summer drinks for their ability to rejuvenate and invigorate.

5 Refreshing Beverages to Beat the Heat

Nimbu Pani (Lemonade)

Nimbu Pani, or lemonade, is a timeless classic that reigns supreme during the Indian summer. Its simplicity lies in the perfect harmony of freshly squeezed lemon juice, water, sugar, salt, and a dash of roasted cumin powder. This tangy and revitalizing concoction not only quenches thirst but also replenishes essential electrolytes lost through perspiration, making it a beloved choice for hydration across the country.

Aam Panna (Raw Mango Drink)

Aam Panna is a beloved summer cooler crafted from raw mangoes, renowned for its tantalizing blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Boiled raw mango pulp is infused with sugar, salt, roasted cumin, and mint to create a refreshing elixir that not only cools the body but also aids digestion. Its vibrant green hue and zesty taste evoke the essence of summer, making it a cherished indulgence during the sweltering Indian heat.


Jaljeera, meaning “water of cumin,” is a traditional Indian beverage celebrated for its invigorating taste and digestive properties. This tangy concoction combines mint, coriander, tamarind, ginger, black salt, and roasted cumin to create a symphony of flavours that tantalize the taste buds. Served cold with ice, Jaljeera not only quenches thirst but also stimulates the appetite and aids digestion, making it a popular choice for sipping between meals during the scorching summer months.

Sugarcane Juice (Ganne ka Ras)

Sugarcane juice, known as Ganne ka Ras, is a ubiquitous street-side delight that offers a burst of natural sweetness and instant refreshment. Extracted from fresh sugarcane stalks using specialized machines, this elixir is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is a nutritious choice for hydration. Whether enjoyed plain or infused with a hint of lemon and ginger, sugarcane juice is a beloved summer staple that epitomizes the joy of simple pleasures.

Kokum Sherbet

Kokum Sherbet is a regional speciality from the coastal regions of India, revered for its unique flavour and cooling properties.

Made from the extract of the Kokum fruit, this ruby-red concoction is infused with sugar, salt, and spices like cumin and black pepper to create a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and savoury notes. Kokum Sherbet not only quenches thirst but also aids digestion and provides relief from heat-induced ailments, making it a cherished summer indulgence in its native regions.