Before Committing To Your Life Long Partner Know These Things

By Kritika Rai

People take many things into account while choosing a partner with whom they have to spend forever together and also it a daunting task. There are many questions that arise of adjusting for both and it is believed that the perfect one will last forever. It takes many things to commit and wanting to commit and doing it are two different things, isn’t it?

There are many things which have to be taken while getting serious or cementing your bond over a time. Here is the list to last long forever:

  • It will get hard over time

There will come a time when you will get to know that anything worth and maintaining it takes hard work and effort. There will be a point when you both won’t agree and have to compromise so will you be ready to settle in middle ground?

  • If you lose anything it will directly affect you

In  relationship there will be state when other reaction will directly affect you just like newtons third law says, every action has equal and opposite reaction but to sustain a lifelong commitment you have to acknowledge the struggle and support the one.

  • Your partner can fix your predicament

Your inner fights are yours and you have to fight alone. Just like the fairy tale story, there will no knight come and take away your problems. Take time to heal yourself in your time, don’t expect them to fight for your predicament.

  • Take information regarding their education

By education I mean how they treat people outside the house? Are they religious? Do they want to have children or not? Do they respect women and give respect? These are some questions which should be known before committing to a lifelong partner.

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