Best Travel Apps Everyone Should Have on Their Phone

There are several apps on almost if not all aspects of life including Travelling and making trips. Travel apps are all over the internet and they are available on Google Playstore and the App store but not all of them are useful and functional. Differentiating the good ones from the crappy ones might not be that easy till after one install and tries to use it. If you already have a trip planned ahead or you want to plan one, here’s a list of the best travel apps that you and your friends can install and use.


Skyscanner is an app designed to help travellers on budget find the most affordable flights. The mobile app searches millions of flights from over 1,300 sources so as to arrive at the best that will suit you; be it the easiest or the cheapest flight. It comes with a hand chart feature that allows you to check for betting, the cheapest months or days to fly to your desired destination. In case of any changes, the app instantly sends a notification.

Photo by Pascal Brändle on Unsplash


This app allows travellers and tourists to rent single rooms, double rooms, a whole apartment or simply a couch. It is a great app to find hostels and hotels for anyone and everyone. This app functions just like the website so rest assured you have no issues. The difference between them is that one is faster and easily accessible.

Trail Wallet

This app is one of the easiest apps developed to monitor your expenses during trips. You can arrange and sort out your expenses by trip, set a daily budget and add or subtract certain expenses. When you receive a receipt or bill, bring out your phone and add the amount using the Quick Add Screen, done.


The app helps you organise your upcoming travel plans such that all you have to do as the traveller is to enter your flight, hotel, restaurant, car rental confirmation emails to the app’s website. Then it automatically moves all the info to your master itinerary so you can view your plans all at once. There’s the pro version of the app. Once you upgrade to it, the company will then help you find alternative routes in case your flight gets cancelled.


This app comes to play after you’ve set your trip plans in motion but you are yet to arrange accommodation. HotelTonight offers you fantastic last-minute discounts on empty hotel rooms. The app is very easy to access and use and reservations do not take time. Once you know the state and city you are going to, search by city or attraction or on the map, check for reviews and photos from other people. With reliable customer support, no matter where and when you need a room, HotelTonight is here for you.


Have you ever been denied boarding because of overbooking, experienced having to wait or postpone your trip due to a delayed or cancelled flight? Then you know just how helpless you feel and how annoying it can be. That’s why the app AirHelp was developed. EU and US laws provide for compensation in cases like that but it’s based on the details of the trip. This process takes a while and it turns out to be time wasting and unnecessary so it’s best to prevent it from happening at all. 

With AirHelp, you can easily sort this out. All it takes after installing and launching is to enter your flight information and stating the details about the problem. The company will sort out the rest and if your claim is successful, the company removes 25% of the payout and returns the rest.