Bharti Replied To Haters Who Troll her For Working & Leaving Her Son Alone; Said, “My Son Is Not Alone At Home”

Comedian Bharti Singh makes viewers laugh with her sense of humour. she is a popular comedian in our country who has won the hearts of viewers with their jokes. The actress became a mother in April and gave birth to a son whose she named Gola and also known as Lakshya. She returned to work a few days after giving birth. She still goes to the set without her son and does not feel guilty.

Bharti Singh spoke about this in an interview. she said that sometimes the phone rings, and at the same time someone comes to the door, meanwhile we are deciding what will make for lunch and dinner, and at the same time we have to look at the child. Bharti said that now she understands why people compare mothers to Lodess Durga.

Bharti goes on to say that people gave all their advice even before the birth of her child. she said: I was told to take a good rest, but I think, you know better than anyone that how sensitive your body is. As promised to the TV presenter, she returned to work only 12 days after the delivery of Gola. Because of this, she also received a lot of trolls.

Do you feel guilty about leaving your child at home and returning to work?

To this question, Bharti replied that the child is not alone at home. She said: There are our family, a harsh’s family, two housekeepers and two nieces to look after Gola. Also, she said that I am happy that Harsh is taking care of Gola at home because these days I am handling my show alone.

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