Bhojpuri Actress Trishakar Madhu Getting Trolled After MMS Leaked, People Made Such Comments.

Famous Bhojpuri artist and dancer Trishakar Madhu is being trolled a lot on social media these days. Recently a private MMS video of her has been leaked, which is becoming very viral on social media. Let us tell you that apart from being a popular Bhojpuri actress, Trishakar Madhu is also a great dancer. Trishakar is very active on social media. There she shares many things related to her life among fans. At the same time, she is facing many problems due to the leak of this private video. She is being trolled fiercely on various platforms of social media. After the leak of the video, Trishakar Madhu has also warned many people who are sharing the video. However, it is not known who has leaked this video on social media.

Trishakar Madhu

On this incident, Madhu wrote on her Facebook post – “God is watching everything. To humiliate me, some people made this video viral. I can’t believe that some people of Bihar have fallen so much.” Can do the same thing.” After this video of Trishakar Madhu went viral, many people are trolling her saying that Trishakar shared this video on her own deliberately so that she can get publicity.

Trishakar Madhu

After this Trishakar shared another post on Facebook and wrote – “You all are saying that I made this video. Yes, I made this video. But I didn’t know that someone else was trying to humiliate me.” Will leak this video for me.”

After this, while sharing another post, she said that there is no one innocent in the Bhojpuri industry. Let us tell you that 27-year-old Trishakar Madhu is a resident of West Bengal. She made her debut in Bhojpuri films with the serial “Hum Hai Hindustani”. Trishakar Madhu has also appeared in item songs with many big actors in Bhojpuri films.

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