Bigg Boss 13 Exclusive: Sidharth Shukla’s Fee Hiked To Keep Him Inside House Till Feb 2020?

Bigg Boss 13 is performing quite well on the TRP charts and one of the main reasons behind its popularity is Sidharth Shukla. The actor’s temper, closeness with co-contestants, and his constant fights are getting the show a lot of fans. Well, owing to this huge popularity, the finale has been extended from January to February 2020. And it seems the makers are not yet ready to let their hero Sidharth Shukla go.

According to the reports, Sidharth’s contract supposed to end on January 12and now that the show finale has been extended for five weeks, he didn’t like the idea of that finale has been postponed. He supposedly had a word with the makers of the show to hike his fees to keep him in the show. Reportedly, Sidharth was getting Rs 9 lakhs per week and now he will get more for the extended period.

For obvious reasons, makers are keen to keep him in the show as he is one of the strongest contestants. His popularity among fans and his game inside the house is indeed one of the major reasons why this season of Bigg Boss is so popular. His fights and the way he conducts himself always calls for attention. He is considered to be the top finalists of the show and even Salman Khan is pretty fond of him. Let’s see how far Sidharth Shukla goes. Currently, he is good to all and is being loved too. He unanimously got voted as the captain, something that has never happened in this season.

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