Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Dey Talks About His Love For Shefali Bagga, Says ‘We Were Made For Each Other’

Bigg Boss 13 is turning into a mad house. The latest elimination in the house was that of Siddharth Dey who was being targeted for many reasons. His language and mindset towards women was criticized. However, he has come up with his side of story and talked about his love for Shefali Bagga inside the house.

In a conversation with Indian Express, Siddharth Dey spilt the beans on his love story with Bagga. In fact, he even went onto claim that they are made for each other. Upon being quizzed if it was genuine or yet anything strategy to survive inside the house, Dey said, “It was a very organic connection that we formed on the stage, even before entering the house. We realised we were kind of made for each other in that mad show. Although we are very different individuals we really bonded well and built a bridge to know each other.”

Further, Siddharth revealed how Shefali had once told him that her eyes often searched for him in the house. Labelling it as ‘the most beautiful relationship in the house’, Dey added that the two never indulged into anything stupid, despite having so much liking for each other. “We did not giggle around, got in the pool or under the blanket. We knew our families were watching and I am proud I could find such a strong connection,” he concluded.

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